Lettres des Refusés

New! 7-Feb-07: Hi Mike, to answer your question honestly, you don't even want to know. But, you asked the wrong person if you wanted anything but the truth, and I feel that is what you are interested in. I received them in my mail and took them along with me to a meeting of a cancer support group. The leader of our group, a pshycologist, shivered and said you must have a tremendous amount of hate in yourself to render such work. The men didn't say anything but all but one took them along. My hero in this odd grouping of people, an 84 year old physicians wife said "You don't deserve this!" The meeting itself began and I had only a moment to attempt to explain what you are doing with your art.

Minnesota 5/25/06---We received your request for us to carry your cards at our store. Currently, unfortunately, we do not have much space dedicated to sidelines, but appreciate the inquiry...your work looks pretty cool.

Draloo---afterthought---the cards are four by six inches...maybe the only space necessary is in your head---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Montana 5/25/06---We received your pack of art postcards in today's mail. I'm not sure how it is that we were sent them. I apologize if a request originated on this end. I'm afraid that your work will not be seen by the audience most appreciative of it in our shop. I will return them by mail tomorrow.

Draloo: There was no request on your part. Please give them away to anyone you think might enjoy them. There is no need for you to go to the expense of sending them back. However, if the choice is mail them back or put them in the trashcan, I will reimburse you for the expense.

--- they are ready to go. I'm not inclined to throw them out, tho' I realize legally I could do so.(as unsolicited mail) but obviously they are important to you. they are your art, your time, your personal investment of effort. So, don't feel you need to reimburse me for postage. I'm happy to just send them back.

Draloo: That is very kind of you. Thank you very much. I am sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Minnesota #2 5/27/06---We don't really take any unsolicited materials. It is simply easier for us that way.

Draloo: Please simply give them away. I would like to believe they won't end up in a landfill. I thank you for any consideration you may give my project.... afterthought...Maybe you should try harder------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Tennessee-5/29/06---We are a small independent in a very conservative area. Your type of card is not what our customers are buying at this point.

Draloo: Please discreetly give them to people you think might appreciate them. I believe that very conservative areas such as yours is where they are needed most. Please pass them on. Leave them out to be casually discovered by customers. Let them instigate conversation and discussion.-------------

District of Columbia-5/29/06---we did receive the cards. and they're wonderful. unfortunately we don't stock any cards. would you like them back?

Draloo: Please give them to people you think might want them. Leave them on the counter as free gifts to customers, mail them out at random, or reverse shoplift them into greeting card stores. I just want them in the hands of folks who appreciate the truths they contain. Let me know what they think. Thanks for your help.--------------------------------------------------------------------

Colorado 5/30/06---Hi Mike I did receive your postcards.I don't think that they are a fit for us, but I think they're interesting art work.I believe that you and I are probably on a similar track politically, by the looks of it. What would you like me to do with these?
It is encouraging that you understand and appreciate these paintings. If you are unable to sell them, give them away. If your customers would not be offended by them, leave them on the desk as a free gift. Give them to anyone you think would mail them to a friend in Australia. Leave them on the seats of Taxis. Show them around and solicit impressions. I would love to hear them. I appreciate your support.

Will do. We have a good spot for free stuff here..and the content is not a problem for us.
We believe in free speech and our customers know it. Good luck with your work.

Utah 5/30/06--- Package returned with obvious signs (treadmarks) of having been run over by a car.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Southern California-5/30/06---I received your package containing your post cards. Unfortunately Our Store does not accept unsolicited merchandise to sell. If you would like us to send back your cards we will need your credit card info for shipping costs.
Would it be possible for you to simply give the cards away to staff, friends, or the public? I just want the cards disseminated widely. If this is not possible, I will mail you the postage necessary to return them. I believe it was around seven dollars....afterthought...why do people close themselves off from that which does not come with corporate pre-approval? If people sent me a rich assortment of weird and original products, I would be delighted. It would make for a lively inventory. But I am obviously no businessman.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------

District of Columbia-5/31/06---The cards are too non-traditional for this store, but I will show them to a colleague of mine who manages a gift shop in downtown DC.

Thanks for passing the cards on. Such is the kindness of strangers upon which I depend. In these non-traditional times, perhaps we must find a new and more honest way of considering our national predicament. I would like to know your personal reaction to my paintings. They are, in many ways, a recitation of the headlines of the last six years. But are they art?------------------------------------

-Texas-6/3/06---Hello fellow artist,
We received your postcards. The response to the art was positive but management decided that the subject matter was too controversial to sell them from our store. So one of us took them to a local coffee shop for people to take with them at their leisure. I liked the art and the marketing approach. I think it has great potential at another venue.

Thank you for passing them along. I want them in the hands of people who connect to the paintings.Too Controversial? Why, when young people are getting their limbs blown off and their lives snuffed out every day in a foreign political misadventure, are we so damnned afraid of controversy? Everyone desparately wants to believe that everything is okay. Maybe folks should shed that delusion and take a look. I am very greatful for your support in my campaign.----------------

Pittsburg---6/5/06--- we received your cards, but we are not able to sell them---anyway. we will give them away as you requested. we will not throw them away. if we get any comments about them, I will let you know!

I appreciate your participation in my project. I would love to hear your customers comments. Thanks.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Los Angeles---6/5/06---Thanks for sending your cards and checking up. I don't feel they are the right cards to sell at our store, but I put them on the free rack w/ flyers and other promotional materials. Best of luck,
Thanks for taking the time to give them a look. The free rack is exactly where I want to be if you are unable to sell them.-- Keep an open mind. We need it now more than ever.--------------------------------

San Francisco---6/5/06---I did receive your postcards and although they are interesting, they're not quite right for us.---it might be better to send only one of each card to prospective buyers rather than a whole stack If you don't need them back I will leave them on the shelves with our free items, such as local papers and publisher giveaways.

Please believe that I don't need them back. The free items shelves are a great place to put them. I sent more than one each because I want those who want to sell them to have enough for an interesting trial. Those who don't want to sell them have enough to give to people who may be interested in them. Those who hate them get a very satisfying "thunk" as they hit the bottom of the trash can. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Vermont-6/5/06---We don't sell postcards- just note cards, mainly from local artists, reflecting nature, flowers, local scenery. We expect our patrons to add their own political commentary. Since your note included with the postcards says nothing about how much your products sell for, I am at a loss. It seems to assume that I requested these samples, which I did not. I don't appreciate receiving an unsolicited packet of 50 or so postcards, nor your rather nasty email.

I am sorry that my letter seemed nasty. That was in no way my intent. Upon re-reading, I find it poor writing and disjointed in construction. What I meant to say is that I am interested in the fate of my paintings. I realize that they are disturbing to some people and that the controversy they may ignite can be uncomfortable. These are uncomfortable times for us all. If you are uninterested in selling them, please find some avenue for their free distribution. A coffee shop or the back seat of a city bus comes to mind but any place where people can freely choose to take them or leave them would be great. It is unfortunate that I did make clear the nature of my intentions. For this and any discomfort I may have caused you, I respectfully apologize. please visit my website. It may explain my project http://draloo.com/-------------------------------------------------------------------

6/6/06---I did receive your sample of postcards. I did, indeed, visit your website, read the company philosophy and some of the “refusal” notes – so I guess I can expect to see mine there as well.
Although I agree that sometimes the most resistant people should be exposed to the wider perspective, after soliciting opinions from some of my regular patrons, I do not think this style will sell in my store. We’re a small town and although we do have well-educated, broad-thinking people, we also have many who would be offended by your postcards, albeit that they may not understand the statements the art work conveys. To give you an example, a local minister went to the public school and pulled the copies of /Wizardology/ from the shelf at the “book fair” claiming it to be the “beginner” witches’ bible. Many disagreed with his tactics, including many of his parishioners – so much so that he is no longer minister of that church. Another example is how disturbed many of the citizens are about /The DiVinci Code./
I appreciate your philosophy of not selling to the “giants” and helping to keep the independents afloat. Obviously, I and my counterparts across the country must appreciate your goals! I am sure you realize that if they will not sell, I cannot afford to stock them.
Thank you for introducing me to your work. I wish you the best!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I fully understand the narrow commercial viability of my cards. I subscribe to the gospel of free expression and liberty. If some are offended, they are welcome to paint their own stuff and put it in the free marketplace of ideas that is America. Thank you for your kindness and the obviously fair consideration you have given my paintings If you have any marketing suggestions, please pass them along-----"why did he choose my store...why me?" I was just lucky. I found you because I was searching the web for interesting bookstores to send these postcards I had. Why I had them is a different question. Why I sent them is another. I wanted a fair and free showing of my work to a geographically diverse and politically thoughtful audience. If I wanted to shock a cross section of Americans into thinking that perhaps there is a way of seeing things that does not come out of a television, and I wanted to show them that art can be more than those sugary pretty confections which sell so well and decorate so many living rooms and dental waiting rooms, and if I wanted to break even on the project, I needed to find,,, you. You risked an affront to show these things to people that you might well suspect would find them repulsive. That took a special sort of thoughtful person. I have found such people at independent bookstores all of my life, You are the lady in the independent bookstore forty years ago who sold me my first copy of "A Coney Island of the Mind" when I was thirteen.

Rhode Island 7/17:We decided not to carry your post cards but a staffer liked them enough to take them home.

September 2- Draloo: I was just wondering whether you received those postcards I mailed you
on Aug. 5. The courtesy of a reply would be greatly appreciated.

Massachusetts:We did receive them, however we only sell postcards of Martha's Vineyard. Thanks.
Draloo: But what did you think of them?
Massachusetts:I didn't really look at them. The store receives many unsolicited items, and anything that arrives during the height of the season generally gets discarded.
Draloo: Your lack of imagination stuns me. What could be more charming than a small display of free items for your customers. The variety and unusual nature of such unsolicited materials would be a source of conversation and delight for you and your customers. But then, as I have said before, I am no businessman.

October, 2006: We recently received a case of your postcards. I'm not sure what to do with
them. I think we would like to return them. Can you please send return

I am sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused you. I will send you the $8.10 postage required to return the cards in the Flat Rate box in which they were sent. I had hoped that you might give them away. If you know an individual who might appreciate them, please pass them on.........FLASH-E-mail: Better Idea!... I beg you simply leave the open box of my paintings on any corner in New York City. Let whimsy take them!